His grand-mother ran a night club in Siberia in the 90´s. This is probably the reason why Kirill is so much into music. As a child he listened to his father´s cassettes by Prodigy, Orbital or Rammstein. Later he started to make his own music and also invited friends for his own home parties. When he was about to move to St. Petersburg or Moscow for studies, he was suddenly and by chance attracted to Prague.

Kirill actually does not really like the taste of pushing nights in Prague. That is why he decided to organize his daily outdoor parties „Tamdem!“. The name came out from words „We go there“ in Czech language. Kirill needs to breathe, to see the sun and faces of his smiling friends. Mostly the events take place on the rooftop of Tesco shopping mall. E.g. Francesco Del Garda, Vera, Nicola Kazimir, Cleymoore, Vendi had their gig there.
His music balances between techno, house and minimal. A little bit romantic fairy tale starting with experimental melancholia moving towards lively dancing house.