Like a shimmering pearl, electronic music has long fascinated the Swiss musician, Eveline Fink. She has been a passionate enthusiast of the electronic music movement since 1997. These years have seen a moving, musical development as a both a DJ and an event organiser.

In 2003 she founded the |md| minimal designer collective, a platform for like-minded artists and a source of stylish and moving events, which now no longer exists.
In 2007 Eveline’s passion for music took her to Berlin. 2011 sees the birth of Eveline Fink’s first EP, “Hula Hoop” on her own label Enough! Music which further emphasises her musical creativity. More releases and remixes followed on Enough! Music, RA + RE Records and Indepth MusicRec.
The influences of the past, the present and perhaps even the future shape her visions. The drive to pursue and realize new projects remains a tireless passion in her heart.
Eveline’s deep musical passion is reflected in a powerful and at the same time feminine character.


EGG London (UK)
Dachkantine Zürich (CH) R.I.P
Streetparade Zürich (CH)
Lethargy Festival Zürich (CH)
Cabaret Zürich (CH) R.I.P.
Zukunft Zürich (CH)
Rohstofflager Zürich (CH) R.I.P.
Hive Club Zürich (CH)
abundzu Festival Schatzalp (CH)
Club der Visonaere Berlin (D)
Hoppetosse Berlin (D)
Katerblau Berlin (D)
Weekend Berlin (D)
Wilde Renate Berlin (D)
Ipse Berlin (D)
Chalet Berlin (D)
Suicide Circus Berlin (D)
Kosmonaut Berlin (D)
Tresor Berlin (D)
Animal Social Club Rom (I)
Kiste Baden (CH)
Anita Berber Berlin (D)
Griessmühle Berlin (D)
Fiesere Remiese Berlin (D)
Harry Klein München (D)
Ritter Butzke Berlin (D)
Sage Club Berlin (D)
Waagenbau Hamburg (D)
Brain Club Braunschweig (D)
Arena Club Berlin (D)

Eveline Fink – Demain alors EP – Girlz on Wax 2017
Eveline Fink “Mountain Connections” EP on Enough! Music 2016
Various Artist EP – Eveline Fink “La petite” on RA+RE Records 2016
Eveline Fink – Various Artist EP – Amused – RA+RE Records 2015
Eveline Fink – Crispy Lips EP – incl. Daniel Stefanik Remix – Enough! Music 2014
Danilo Schneider & Eveline Fink – Numanthia EP – incl. Marc Miroir Remix – Enough! Music 2012
Eveline Fink – Yellow Duck EP – incl. Andre Gardeja Remix – Enough! Music 2011
Eveline Fink – Hula Hoop EP – incl. Guido Schneider Remix – Enough! Music 2011


Remix for Kambo Rio – Minute 93 EP – Indepth MusicRec 2015
Remix for Plusculaar – Stai Jos EP – Enough! Music 2013
Remix for Smoke Sykes – Heavy Weight EP – Enough! Music 2012