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Digitaline is a live act project formed by the Swiss producers Laurent Bovey (who has released also under the names Laps and Marlowe) and Gregory Poncet (Gregorythme), who have been working together in Lausanne and Berlin since 2001.

What began as a bit of fun between two friends turned into various long live sessions and club nights between Lausanne and Zurich, slowly bringing them closer to finding a sound of their own: their music is full of atmospheric details, sometimes a little abstract and sometimes more narrative, but always built around deep grooves made for the club.
Their work became more serious in 2005: after giving some of their tracks to Luciano, they released their first EP ‘Rubicube’ on Cadenza, immediately gaining international recognition and widespread acclaim. In 2007, their first LP ‘Anticlockwise’ and another EP ‘Honululu’ came out on Luciano’s label again, reaffirming their role as one of the most praised duo in the Minimal scene of those years. The next step was playing live gigs in places such as Panorama Bar, Mutek 2007, Movement (DEMF) 2007, Fusion Festival, Fabric, Rex Club and DC10.
After more then one year touring with their highly successful Deep Techno live act, the duo went back into the studio at the end of 2008, this time taking things to the next level: the Seeking Attention EP on Zürich based label CityFox Records was released at the beginning of 2009, while the Oz Factor EP on Cabanne’s label Minibar from Paris came out at the end of the same year. Both records go in the same direction: sophisticate Electronic Dance Music, deep grooves, ethereal atmospheres, organic synthesizers and a bright sense of repetition.
Further tracks have been released on Lessizmore and Raoul, with remixes out on Get Physical, Sushitech and Bar25.
The Okoubaka and the Up And Down My Spine EPs were released on Luciano’s label in 2010 and in 2011 respectively, making Digitaline a fixture on the Cadenza’s roster, and one of the most requested Live
Acts to appear on the label’s showcases.
After a 3 year hiatus, the Digitaline name is back again in 2015, this time as a solo project. With Gregory is taking a break from playing live but keeps on producing music under his solo alias gregorythme, Laurent is the mind behind the music now: drawing inspiration from every facet of his acoustic surroundings, his sonic direction blends the warm and balmy depths of House while retaining the raw, organic drive of Techno, a musical heritage of his artistic upbringing that ranges from Hip Hop to 70s Psychedelia, eventually winding up big time in classic contemporary Electronica.