a band of crickets


They are loud and soft , bright and dark. “A brand of crickets” melt electronic music and acoustic instruments into a warm , emotive sound. Influenced heavily by Portishead, Fever Ray, Bjork and Moloko, they follow their own path with whatever genres interests them:
They mix their electronic sound with reggae-beats followed by guitar-distorted hymns to move on into sluggish Hip- Hop beats. They interweave anecdotes with personal experiences. Experimental yet always aware to be captivating and seduce the listener to follow them on their musical journey. They decided not to show their faces so their masks hide their identity to avoid being typecast.
“A band of crickets are a collective from Berlin and Brandenburg, whose core consists of three artists.


A Band Of Crickets – Inter Larvas (behind the black curtain btbc003) 2015

A Band Of Crickets – Isis at thawk (behind the black curtain btbc002) 2014

A Band Of Crickets – Ask what it is! (behind the black curtain btbc001) 2013